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EventRegist Reception Manager/Staff Sourcing

Support for smooth operations through staff familiar with EventRegist
Reception Manager/Staff Sourcing

 * Currently this service is available in Japan only.

The first place that attendees encounter is the event reception, so presenting a smooth check-in raises overall levels of satisfaction.

At EventRegist, we can co-ordinate the manager or staff required at event check-in even if only 1 person is needed.
With our familiarity of the EventRegist system and know-how from numerous events, we'll provide a smooth check-in experience in which attendees aren't forced to wait. 

    • check-icon.pngManager and Staff familiar with EventRegist Check-in (QR Code scanning)
    • check-icon.pngPropose the optimum check-in method for your event attendees
    • check-icon.pngProvision or assistance with producing a reception manual or equipment needed around checking in attendees (signage, attendee passes etc.)
    • check-icon.pngEnglish support also available


  • EventRegist usage case study by Master Control Inc.Please take a look at a case study of a business that utilised EventRegist.
    EventRegist usage case study by Master Control Inc.




Eligible Events

Corporate events, conferences, seminars, trade shows, different types of community events are eligible.
We have practical experience with events from seminars of 100 people right up to trade shows with tens of thousands of attendees.


  • Conditions for your request

  • Your request may be from as few as 1 person.
    Aside from a manager and staff for event reception, we can also provide assitance with providing staff and management for event organisation and implementation.

  • EventRegist has already been used for a wide variety of events including corporate events, seminars, trade shows and meet-ups.  Feel free to consult with us about your needs.



    • Using the form, please let us know your requirements.  A representative of EventRegist will be in contact soon.


A few words from organizers who use EventRegist

EventRegist already had the features I was hoping for and the admin dashboard was really easy to understand too.
- BASE Inc. Mr. Kaneshiro

"From using EventRegist we continued with daily progress without having to worry about supporting different browsers and devices.  We were able to quickly analyse pre-registration data from attendees and produce reports, so we were able to implement measures to attract more attendees.“
- IT Trade Show Organizer