Event Marketing Platform

EventRegist is a service that allows anyone to easily announce their event,
collect pre-payments/registrations and manage attendees.

Operations Management Flow for an Event using EventRegist

When you register for an event on an event page produced by EventRegist, it's possible to use the unified admin tools such as tracking attendance on the day of the event in real-time and up to the day of the event.

Operations Management Flow for an Event using EventRegist Operations Management Flow for an Event using EventRegist

Basic Features

  • Event
  • Promotion
  • Tickets
  • Register
  • Check-in
  • Follow/Other

  • Creating an Event page All you need is to choose an event name, an opening date and decide on a ticket. You can have a custom URL and choose your own design. By setting an access password, you can make the event private.

  • Event Page Duplication You can duplicate a previously created event making the creation of subsequent events a breeze.

  • Editing Event Information Aside from setting the event explanation and the intro to the event that is shared on social media, you can also embed Google Analytics code and integrate Facebook widgets.

  • Event Page Design You can customize the page to your needs by setting your own image in the header area of the page and setting the colors used on the rest of the page.

  • Form for Attendees You can decide on the data that you would like to collect from registrants when they sign up for your event. You can set items as required or optional as needed.

  • Notifications If you've updated information about the event or you have an announcnement for those who have signed up, you can send a notification to everyone who has registered.

  • Spread the message through Social Using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and LINE, you can spread the word about your event.

  • All kinds of widgets You can embed a ticket registration form or an event countdown widget into your own web site.

  • Analytics You can check the number of registrants and page views with a simple graph. You can also get breakdowns by ticket type, or other data points and output the data as a CSV file.

  • Users considering your event (watch list) You can check the status of your event's watchlist and send a reminder email to people who have registered.

  • Email Invitations You can send bulk email invitations. You can edit the message and choose the colors that are used.

  • Ticket Sales Payment is handled by PayPal or Credit Card. Free event tickets have no handling fee. You can check the current status of ticket sales anytime you like.

  • Receipt Data Receipt data can be issued automatically and is available for printing from the registrants "My Tickets" page.

  • Attendee Data You can check the details of individual attendees from the attendee list. You can refine your search by items such as email address and place of work.

  • Applicant Data You can check detailed registration information from applicant list. You can also do things like cancelling the application or checking the payment status.

  • Attendee Check-in History You can bulk download event applicant data or checked-in attendee data anytime you like from the admin dashboard.

  • Dedicated Ticket Checking App You can easily manage check-ins by scanning QR Codes or checking off attendees from a list using the dedicated organizer app.

  • Check-in Management The app isn't the only option for admitting attendees, you can also do it from the admin dashboard. You can search and confirm the check-in status from the attendee list.

  • Event Rating You can check the rating and feedback from attendees about your event.

  • Contact You can check the inquiry sent to the event organizer.

Useful Functions for Business Events

  • Multiple Event Admins You can add other users as a co-administrator for your event. You can set specific privileges for different features for each co-administrator.

  • Manage Automatically Sent Emails You can stop the system sending reminder emails or review requests etc.

  • Creating your own Survey You are free to set your own form fields and utilize it for purposes such as conduscting a survey when the attendee signs up for the event.

  • Agree with Personal Privacy Policy You can set your own company's data privacy policy and require applicants to agree to it when they sign up for the event.

  • Issuing Promotion Codes You can issue a discount code for relevant tickets that provides either a discount rate or a discount price. You can track analytics of how the code has been used. You can also sell "secret tickets" to those who enter a code.

  • Compatability with Invoices and Bank transfers The system can also handle issuing invoices and accepting payment by bank transfer. Applicants can make a tentative booking and you can manually send them their ticket(s) after confirming payment.

  • Limiting Distribution of Event Materials On the registrants "My Tickets" page, you have the option to provide event materials or sales materials etc.

  • Downloading the Attendee List Formats other than just CSV are available for download. For example, you can download name labels with QR codes attached for printing.

Large-scale conference management changes!
Introducing the best features

In order to make full use of advanced functions, our staff will support the introduction and realize a higher-grade event.

  • Timetable settings You can easily create an event with multiple concurrent sessions and control the numbers that apply for each session.
  • Check-in Points You can register check-in points other than reception, such as sessions in the event and exhibition booths. Used in combination with visitor tracking.
  • Attendee Tracking You can track each event attendee through check-ins within the event - not just at the entrance.
  • Arrival Notification Email You can specify that an email notification be sent to a preregistered person when a specific attendee arrives at the venue and checks-in to the event.
  • Assignment by Lottery You can issue lottery assigned tickets. For lottery assigned tickets, you can specify 'successful', 'unsuccessful' or wait-listed.
  • Issuing Promotion Codes You can issue a discount code for relevant tickets that provides either a discount rate or a discount price. You can track analytics of how the code has been used. You can also sell "secret tickets" to those who enter a code.
  • KAOPASS This is a function that allows event attendees to be accepted (checked in) based on facial photo determination using the person's profile photo at the event venue.
  • MA cooperation Information on the cooperation between EventRegist and each marketing automation tool.

About Ticket sales fees

Eventregist fee is very reasonable.
You can significantly reduce the cost of previous costs.

  Free event
(No handling fees)
Non-free Event
(Handling fee charged)
Ticket sale handling fee Free 8%
(8% of ticket sales)

*No fees are incurred by the ticket purchaser
*Bank transfer fees for transferring funds to the event organizer are incurred by the event organizer
*Domestic Japan handling fees only. For organizing an event outside Japan, please get in touch with us separately.

Case Study

  • Case Study #01 Faber Company Inc. “Organizing a lottery allocated seminar was easy. You can get the seminar up and running at the same time as you come up with the idea.”
    ・1-2 times a month
    ・Paid seminars
    ・Screening applications
  • Case Study #02 MasterControl, Inc. “The weight of responsibility was lightened and we were able to concentrate on the event sessions themselves and communicating with our clients.”
    ・Annual conference
    ・Multiple concurrent sessions