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News Release - Reaching to more people with your attractive event news

Promote your event with news releases and press releases
First time free offer

 * Currently this service is available in Japan only.
    • How about putting out a news release as a way of getting more attendees?
    • Try out a news release to make your get your event announcement or speaker information out to even more people. You can integrate with News2u Inc. and use their Net PR service for 1 time for free.
  • check-icon.pngA new release about your event can be delivered to a variety of web media
  • check-icon.pngYou can publish your new release to approximately 30 major web media organizations all at once.
  • check-icon.pngExclusively available to organizers who put up an event page with EventRegist, you can use the News2u News Release service (usual cost JPY150,000/month) for one time absolutely free.


Conditions of Use

  • ◆ This service and the 1 time free campaign is available to corporate customers only.  If you are an individual , this service is not available.
  • ◆ In addition to the above condition, you must have created an event page for accepting attendee registrations on EventRegist.
  • ◆ This service is currently available only in Japan.


How to Use

  • Please enter the required items in the form.
  • We'll send you a coupon (limited to first time) and isntructions for how to use the system to the email address that you enter.

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A few words from organizers who use EventRegist

EventRegist already had the features I was hoping for and the admin dashboard was really easy to understand too.
- BASE Inc. Mr. Kaneshiro

"From using EventRegist we continued with daily progress without having to worry about supporting different browsers and devices.  We were able to quickly analyse pre-registration data from attendees and produce reports, so we were able to implement measures to attract more attendees.“
- IT Trade Show Organizer