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EventRegist Device Rental Service

Make admitting attendees speedier
Device Rental Service

 * Currently this service is available in Japan only.

A dedicated device isn't needed - just install the app to your smart phone

If you create an event page on EventRegist, people who register for your event will be sent a ticket (event pass) by email.  On the day of the event, they will will bring the printed out ticket with them, display it using their smartphone, or use our smartphone app.

▼ PDF ticket sample
▼ Attendee app sample
EventRegist PDF Ticket Sample  EventRegist Attendee app sample


On these tickets is a QR code that is unique to the registrant. Scanning QR codes at the reception to the event removes the need to check names off from a list one person at a time.

EventRegist Check-in app


A rental service for organizers who want to increase the number of devices to use at reception

All you need for scanning QR codes is to install our free smartphone app - no specialised QR code scanning hardware is required - so you can easily use the smartphone you have at hand to admit attendees to your event.

When considering the scale of your event and the smart phones you have at hand are insufficient, or you can't spare smartphones for use at reception, you can rent handsets from EventRegist.

    • check-icon.pngHandsets with the EventRegist check-in app (QR Code Scanner) pre-installed
    • check-icon.pngHandset chargers (AC Adapter type)
    • check-icon.pngA check-in manual you can use straight away
    • check-icon.pngWe can rent from as low as 1 handset


Rental Device Data

5th generation iPod touch
* When using, you will need to provide your own wi-fi to connect to the internet


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A few words from organizers who use EventRegist

EventRegist already had the features I was hoping for and the admin dashboard was really easy to understand too.
- BASE Inc. Mr. Kaneshiro

"From using EventRegist we continued with daily progress without having to worry about supporting different browsers and devices.  We were able to quickly analyse pre-registration data from attendees and produce reports, so we were able to implement measures to attract more attendees.“
- IT Trade Show Organizer