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Is getting attendees for your event hard?
EventRegist Ad Solution

  * Currently this service is available in Japan only.

check-icon.png"Even though I planned the event and made a promotional site, I just can't get people to know about it"
check-icon.png"The registrations aren't going up"

We can solve these common troubles of event organizers. We offer a solution for getting attendees to your event.

We discover internet users with the highest interest in your event and then target them (using display ads and video ads etc.) 

Ad System

This is an advertising product In association with FreakOut Inc., that enables organizers to approach people considered to have a high interest in the event. Utilizing both EventRegist's extensive experience since launching our service 4 years ago and FreakOut's data, organizers can select the optimum audience and implement a campaign to reach potential event attendees.

EventRegist Ad Solution Overview


How to Use

First, use the form to get in touch.  You will be able to begin using the system from 7 to 10 business days after your application.



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